Thursday, July 25, 2019

Problem Solving Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Problem Solving - Assignment Example This can be achieved through the formation of labor organizations, which would look into the grievances and welfare of workers (Hill and Jones 359). It would also be necessary to ensure that Apple and Foxconn’s recruitment and selection practices of their employees are reviewed. They should ensure that they hire people of integrity who must be able to ethically carryout their duties. A clear policy guideline should be formulated with laws being set to safeguard the rights of employees. A question of conjecture If the solution to this situation is to ensure transparency prevails, how can pressure offer this solution? It is apparent that Apple pays extraordinary attention to their publicity and social image. In this regard, if pressure is something to go by, it can be argued that Apple will continue exhibiting these problems as long as there is no pressure. Besides, can pressure be the best solution for long-term solution to these problems? It is like arguing that a government f aced with problems in delivering to its citizens can only be corrected by its citizens pressuring it. Of course, it is one of the solutions, and, which tends to offer short-term ones. What needs to be done is to ensure that accountability is insisted. The most important thing is to ensure that every person is accountable for his or her deeds (Hill and Jones 360). The government should, for example, ensure that all organizations adhere to set laws that safeguard employees. A question of value Can the option of the government of china protecting freedom and rights of workers by establishing a real work union be a solution to these problems? If the government can reform its own auditing practices, there would be an efficient monitoring of human rights and labor violations in factories. It is, therefore, true to argue that reforming auditing practice would allow workers air their grievances and that they would have an effective, collective voice in determining matters related to their w orking conditions. When workers are unable to add their voices in the decision making, most of their problems go unattended. It would, therefore, be necessary if workers are allowed to join labor unions, and above all, be incorporated in the decision making process, especially on matters concerning wages and working conditions (Hill and Jones 359). A question of policy What are current policies regarding workers wages and working conditions? It is apparent that there are no adequate policies in china that look into issues of factory workers. FLA Chief Executive Officer argued that there were no conclusive remarks from the president of FLA on the working conditions of young workers that come from rural areas to work in the industries. This means that the rights of these young workers in china can not be guaranteed. It would be vital that the government come up with statutes that would cater for the rights of workers in industries. Perhaps, the issue of inserting pressure by the publi c on government should be considered ideal in this situation. Industries and other organizations operating in a country that does not have well defined workers rights would tend to take advantage of this fact to exploit their workers. Nevertheless, this goes beyond inserting pressure on the government. It is the responsibility of its citizens to ensure that they vote in leaders of integrity into power. Leaders that would be concerned about workers issues. Conclusion

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